Well Known Savannah Venues Offering Micro-Weddings

Updated: Jun. 24, 2020 at 1:18 PM EDT
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -Most traditional celebrations look much different these days, including weddings. The Coastal Heritage Society is offering up four of their historic sites in a unique way to make sure your big day still feels special.

Usually Natalie Butler’s summers are full of weddings.

“I’d say we are one of the top wedding destination venues in Savannah. Especially the Georgia State Railroad Museum, which I manage,” Butler, a booking coordinator for Coastal Heritage Society, said. “And I book almost every single Saturday. I think I did about 30 weddings last year.”

Then the Coronavirus pandemic began.

"I felt very surreal when we were shut down. Just unbelievable that it was happening."

Butler and her co-workers at the Coastal Heritage Society focused on the positives, trying to find a way they could spread some joy safely. They found a solution in micro-weddings.

“Average price for a wedding here runs about $10,000, so at $500 you’re getting a bargain. We are putting a 15 person limit on these micro-weddings. We’ll definitely be implementing the same sanitation routines that we’ve done for our daily visitors, and just talking with the client that books. We just want them to feel safe and comfortable, so anything extra that they want us to do, so taking temperatures, distancing the benches for the ceremony.”

As an added bonus, Butler says these weddings could work out great for couples who have procrastinated or are tired of waiting.

“If I had someone reach out and want to do a wedding this Saturday, we could host them this Saturday.”

She says at the end of the day, it’s about making a difference by keeping the celebration of love going, even as this pandemic continues.

"I hope they just get something to look forward to and celebrate. I know that's something I missed during the shutdown is the cancellation of events or just being able to gather for special occasions."

The non-profit is also hoping these weddings help make up from any revenue the museum might have lost during the shutdown. The Georgia State Railroad Museum, Pin Point Heritage Museum, Old Fort Jackson and Harper Fowlkes House are all being made available for micro-weddings.

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