Top Teacher: Tamelia Williams

Updated: Nov. 18, 2020 at 4:58 PM EST
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - She’s a Pre-K teacher making sure her students feel safe, loved, and ready to learn. Meet this week’s WTOC Top Teacher Tamelia Williams from Long County.

“I love it here. I have a lot of parent support. I couldn’t do it without them,” teacher Tamelia Williams said.

Williams loves teaching at Smiley Elementary School in Long County. But her journey to the classroom started in Sunday School.

“One of the elders at Sunday School asked me, have you ever thought about teaching and I said, ‘oh, no ma’am.’ She said you should that’s your calling so. I said why not,” Williams said.

So, after getting her bachelor’s and master’s degree, Williams has been teaching at Smiley for three years. She says there is nothing better than teaching a student something new.

“It’s like Oh My Gosh, you did it. and I get excited, and they get excited. So, they are eager for more after that. If they see you excited, they are eager more let’s do something else. It lets me know they are ready for a challenge, they got this let’s go.”

“Miss Williams is amazing, she works so hard with her students, she definitely pushes them, she does not stop, she keeps going pushing them, makes sure that they are ready,” Smiley Elementary School Principal Patricia Krumrow said.

“Once they learn to trust you. and they realize you are going to keep them safe; you are their safe haven and they grow to love you, it’s great,” Williams said.

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