Top Teacher: Carrie Radford

Updated: Dec. 2, 2020 at 5:14 PM EST
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EFFINGHAM COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Math can be a tough subject for young students, especially when they reach middle school. But one Effingham County educator enjoys doing whatever she can to help students understand the problems and the solutions.

“Math was a struggle for me, until I was in high school. Then I had one math teacher that explained it so well that’s when I really fell in love with math,” Carrie Radford said.

Radford knows all it takes is one good teacher to change your life.

“I don’t think she realizes what she did for me, she broke it down into steps that I really understood, that is really what I do for my children, I like to break it down before we give any kind of assessment or test,” Radford said.

She has been teaching 8th grade math at Effingham County Middle School for the last nine years.

“Content is important but I’m really making an impact on their lives and being that person they can turn to no matter what,” Radford.

“She’s terrific. She works very hard, does a particularly good job of creating student focused lessons and getting the students to sort of, measure and track their own progress, so they can be self-motivated, we love her she does a terrific job,” Effingham County Middle School Principal Travis Dickey said.

“Kids can’t learn if they don’t feel safe and if they don’t feel welcomed. If they feel pressured by anybody, they kind of shut down so you really have to make that a number on priority in their classroom,” Radford said.

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