First Celtic Heritage Festival draws international talent, audience

Published: Mar. 15, 2021 at 1:32 PM EDT
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -Savannah’s newest St. Patrick’s Day Festival went live on Saturday and organizers were excited about the virtual turnout for the fully online event.

The Celtic Heritage Festival Savannah actually enjoyed a busier first weekend than anticipated.

The event is being presented virtually this year with various forms of cultural material. Music performances recorded in Ireland, New York City and right here in Savannah highlight the large menu of content that is all free to view through St. Patrick’s Day.

Event committee member Howard Keeley said that every piece of material had been viewed during the first two days of the festival.

“The biggest takeaway is it’s getting picked up all over the place, a lot of Savannah hits, Georgia hits, but also people from Boston, lots of people from Ireland, we got some in from Australia, and it’s getting picked up. We’ve had decent traffic on everything. I will say that the most visited single item, I wasn’t surprised, was Joanie Maddon and Cherish the Ladies because not only is Joanie the consumate professional, she also has around her unbelievable talent,” Keeley said. “And lots of the local talent and that really gets your heart because I think Savannah does St. Patrick’s Day in its own way.”

Doing the event virtually has enabled the committee to present world-class performers from different parts of the world.

Organizers had already planned to retain a virtual component to the festival when it becomes a primarily live event at Kehoe Iron Works in 2022.

You can view all of the content for free through St. Patrick’s Day here.

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