COVID cases seeing downward trend in Lowcountry

Published: Oct. 5, 2021 at 4:29 PM EDT
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BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - After months of the delta variant driving the pandemic in the U.S., some good news on the current COVID-19 surge - the latest numbers show a downward trend.

Community transmission remains high according the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, but new cases are starting to trend down.

After hitting a recent high at the beginning of September, the seven day moving average of cases across the country is down to just below 87,000 cases a day.

WTOC has been tracking a similar trend in Georgia and South Carolina.

Georgia’s seven day moving average is about three times less than what it was at the end of August. South Carolina is down from nearly 5,000 cases at the beginning of September to about 1,500.

We’re getting a better idea of how that’s translating for health care providers in the Lowcountry. COVID case numbers have seen peaks and valleys throughout the pandemic.

Beaufort County has seen extreme ends of the COVID case spectrum, with each new peak being worse than the last. Since it’s last peak at 195.4 about 6 weeks ago, we’ve seen around a 75 percent decrease in cases. WTOC asked a local medical expert why these numbers change so rapidly and follow such a distinct pattern.

“There’s a lot of theories and nobody knows for sure. One of theories is that these are two distinct pandemics. The last peak was really alpha and this is really delta because these are most of the cases,” said Dr. Kurt Gambla, CMO Beaufort Memorial Hospital.

His best advice to avoid another peak is to stick with the same mitigating strategies we’ve been hearing about the whole pandemic. Wash your hands, keep your distance, and get vaccinated.

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