Savannah family says their teenager received wrong COVID-19 vaccine

Published: Oct. 21, 2021 at 9:31 AM EDT
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - A Savannah family wants an apology after they say their teenage daughter was given the wrong COVID-19 vaccine.

Omarell Smalls is 16-years-old. Her mother Keyerra says her daughter has chronic asthma and had COVID in July, so she decided to take her J.C. Lewis Primary Care Center on September 27 to get vaccinated.

But, just a couple days later she got a call she never expected to get.

“I got a call from JC Lewis that they gave my daughter the wrong COVID vaccination,” said Keyerra Smalls.

Smalls says the woman who vaccinated her daughter said she gave her Pfizer’s COVID vaccine. However, Smalls says when she spoke with a supervisor, they told her Omarell got the Moderna vaccine. The only vaccine approved for teens under the age of 18 is Pfizer.

WTOC reached out to JC Lewis Primary Care Center for comment. They told us they could not comment on this story because of HIPAA privacy law and because of an ongoing investigation.

Meanwhile, more than 3 weeks later, Smalls says her daughter is still feeling side effects to this day.

“My daughter’s arm is constantly sore,” said Smalls. “She can barely lift it. Constantly having headaches and her asthma has been triggered.”

Smalls says she wants an apology and would like J.C. Lewis to reach out to their family to check on how her daughter is doing.

“This could’ve happened to anybody and then being providers we put our trust in their hands and for our kids, for me not to know what my daughter had kind of put me in a vibe. I’m just hurt because I don’t know what they gave her.”

Smalls also says her daughter is doing virtual learning now and was hoping once she was fully vaccinated, to go back to school in person. Now, she doesn’t know when that will happen.

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