Port Wentworth Chamber of Commerce hosts city council candidate forum

Published: Oct. 26, 2021 at 11:29 PM EDT
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Port Wentworth is preparing for election day with a city council candidate forum. Port Wentworth Chamber of Commerce hosted this forum tonight at The Wingate by Wyndham hotel.

Five of the Candidates attended the forum. Mayor Gary Norton and At large Council woman Linda Smith did not respond to the forum invitation. District 3 council candidate Lynwood Griner declined the invitation to attend. The participants focused on many ways to improve Port Wentworth. They discussed traffic problems,city growth and how to bring businesses to their community. When asked how they would encourage businesses to move to Port Wentworth, this is what they had to say.

“We want to encourage them to come open up their brick and mortar stores in Port Wentworth and attract those folks from all these other cities into Port Wentworth,” said district three candidate Janet Hester.

“Maybe give them a tax break incentive or give them some relief on a property because right now we don’t have anything to entice businesses to come here fast food is good but we want to spend our money in Port Wentworth,” said district three candidate Rufus Bright.

" Providing them extensive incentives for certain types of businesses so that they can come in and they’ll find a way that they can actually succeed here and the local economy and those can be in the means of tax rates tax abatement’s and things of that sort,” said district one candidate Alfonso Ribot.

“To see what we can do out here to get them to move out here I don’t know if it’s after afraid of the traffic or if they’re afraid of the lack of business space but we’re here and we’re ready,” said district one candidate Gabrielle Nelson.

“Ticket should not be at 35% of our budget so a lot of people don’t want to come here and a lot of businesses don’t wanna move here because they’re afraid that their customers will get caught up in most traffic tickets are about $700 so it’s extreme,” said at large candidate Jo Smith.

Don’t forget early voting continues in GA through Friday.

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