McIntosh County School District offering a new after school program

Published: Jul. 29, 2022 at 3:37 PM EDT
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MCINTOSH COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - The McIntosh County School District has several new things for parents to be on the lookout for before this school year starts, including a new after school program in partnership with the Boys and Girls Club.

“Through the 21st Century Grant, we’re gonna look at our Pre-K through second grade. We’re gonna provide an after school program that’s going to be free of charge. That’s through the Boys and Girls Club. And we’ll get that 350,000 a year, hopefully for five years. That’s a huge change for us,” said Superintendent Dr. James Pulos.

The program will take place in an unused wing of McIntosh County Middle School, which the Boys and Girls club has refurbished.

The 21st Century grant funds the program for kindergarten through second graders, though third through eighth graders will be able to attend an after-school program in the same facilities.

“They’re gonna have a safe place to send their kids after school, and they’re gonna get mentoring that takes place, and it’s gonna be a great environment to help them build the skills they need to be academically and socially successful.”

Picking up kids that don’t attend an after school program will easier for parents of Todd Grant Elementary Students. Through a technology called CarRiderPro, Pulos says wait times in the pick-up line will be cut in half.

“They get a tag, the tag goes in the car, and when they pass a sensor, it picks up that Johnny’s parents are here to pick him up. It puts it on a screen and sequences Johnny, Suzie, whoever. It sends them out to the right pole, and their parent pulls up and they’re there.”

Along with saving time, the district will also be able to save money this school year. They say they’ve installed almost 900 solar panels on the roofs of Todd Grant Elementary and McIntosh County Middle School which will cut energy costs.

”We’re turning green and that’s a positive thing. With going green, with the academics, McIntosh has got a lot of great things happening. The parents in this community need to be proud of the accomplishments of their students and where they’re moving toward.”

Teachers will return for in-service meetings on August 1, while students will be back in the classroom on August 8.

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