New technology shortens drop off & pick up times at McIntosh Co. schools

Published: Aug. 8, 2022 at 4:30 PM EDT|Updated: Aug. 8, 2022 at 5:14 PM EDT
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MCINTOSH COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - One of the last schools in the area to welcome kids back to class did just that this morning.

Summer is officially over here in McIntosh County as kids all across the district returned to class today.

Superintendent Dr. James Pulos tells me that drop-off and pickup times were much shorter than usual today at Todd Grant Elementary on account of CarRiderPro, a new technology the district is using.

Parents receive a tag which is scanned when they get onto school property. It lets teacher’s know who they are so they know which car to send a child to.

Some parents still need to pick up their tags, which they can do at the district office.

Grab-and-go breakfast was also available to kids all across the district today, free of charge. They’ll continue to be available for kids as soon as they’re out of the car or off the bus, so everyone has the chance to eat.

Pulos says they did have a higher number of kids than expected turn up to school today, so if you haven’t enrolled your child, that needs to be done soon at the district office.

“We’re getting better and better each and every day, so I think that rise in number’s indicative of the fact that people realize that they’re gonna send their students to a place that’s safe and they’re gonna get a great education.

It’ll be a little while before kids in McIntosh County get another break. The next one is scheduled to begin October 17 and will last for a full week.

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