Midway’s newest coffee shop connects to paranormal activity

Published: Aug. 11, 2022 at 5:46 PM EDT
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MIDWAY, Ga. (WTOC) - A new business in Midway is raising some eyebrows. It’s a coffee shop, with a spooky twist.

This will soon be the location of Midway’s newest coffee shop, but they’re serving up much more than just cappuccinos and lattes.

Patrick Welsh is in the middle of setting up Haunted Grounds Coffee. A café that will also serve up some scares with paranormal investigation classes.

“We’re going to be teaching paranormal 101 and 102. It’s a basic paranormal class. It helps those interested in the paranormal to learn more and to figure out how to go about doing investigations so they can do it themselves safely,” Welsh said.

Welsh is a member of the Paranormal Society of Savannah. Haunted Grounds is a way for the group to fund their ghost-hunting excursions, because they don’t charge for their investigations and this building comes with a story.

“We were called out here by the previous owner, that said this facility is haunted. We did an investigation, and unbeknownst to us, they moved out,” Welsh said.

So, Haunted Grounds moved in, and Welsh says he doesn’t think they’re alone.

“Keys not where they’re supposed to be, papers falling off, we’ve had chairs move. Our banner here has fallen over backwards,” Welsh said.

He even says they have videos of conversations with what he calls a spirit within the shop.

Welsh says there’s one thing he wants the community to know.

“We’re not demon worshippers. We don’t conjure Satan or anything like that,” Welsh said.

He says the goal of the shop is to be unique.

“We wanted to bring something different that nobody’s doing. You can’t go to McDonald’s and get a cup of coffee and hear a ghost story.”

The target opening date for Haunted Grounds is Aug. 27.

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