Hinesville drivers encouraged by slow decrease in gas prices

Published: Aug. 12, 2022 at 4:59 PM EDT
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HINESVILLE, Ga. (WTOC) - Drivers in Hinesville say while filling up their tanks is still expensive, they’re thankful that prices are trending downward.

Michael Priester owns a landscaping business and fuel is a large part of his business costs.

“It plays a major role, at least 90-95 percent of costs. With gas being high, it hurts us a lot. We have machines that need fuel. With it dropping, that helps us,” Priester said.

Other drivers say the price still isn’t where they’d like it to be.

“What I used to pay, and what I pay now, it’s hitting the pockets,” Shanyah Hodge said.

Georgia’s average gas price is $3.54, which is below Friday’s national average of $3.97. One driver says she picks the Chevron station in Hinesville, because their prices are typically lower. She also says the price decrease is a relief.

“It went down a little bit, because it was four something. I was like, if they go up anymore, I’ll be riding a bicycle, because I can’t do this. But yeah, it has gone down a little bit, and it has helped out a lot,” Bequna Ivery said.

Ivery drives for Uber Eats, and says what she’s used to budgeting for gas, isn’t cutting it anymore.

“Now, that doesn’t even last me a whole week. It’s gone before you know it. Right now, I’ve got to go back and do Uber Eats so I can fill up the tank later on because I know this won’t last the whole week.”

While Georgia drivers pay less than the national average, it’s still above the price from a year ago. According to AAA, that was $2.96. Still, this price drop is a welcome change.

“I’m ecstatic about it.”

One driver even said that this recent decrease may help him take an extra road trip this year.

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