Richmond Hill councilmember donates salary to senior center

Published: Aug. 16, 2022 at 5:53 PM EDT
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RICHMOND HILL, Ga. (WTOC) - With prices sky high it seems like many are trying to save every penny.

But one Richmond Hill leader is doing the opposite and giving back to those who helped raise him.

For Richmond Hill Councilmember Robbie Ward, coming to the city’s senior center is like a homecoming.

“They’re very important to me and I’ve grown up with a lot of these seniors.”

And that connection is the why the councilman is making good on a campaign promise for the second year in a row to donate his entire city salary.

The Richmond Hill native gave part of that $5,000 salary to the senior center which has used the funds to start more field trip programs and install a new game room for visitors.

“I think seniors, sometimes they get left behind and sometimes they’re on a fixed budget. They can’t do a lot of activities and so I hope they money I donated to them helps and I know it has the last two years.”

The room includes some classics....

“I like the basketball up there.”

... and also has games the names of which some center visitors are still trying to get a hang of.

“What’s that little eating thing?”

“Oh Pac-Man”

We caught up with some of the seniors during an intense game of train.

They say Ward’s donation helps keep the center going.

“The senior center is very special to all of us. When my husband died, and Covid hit right after that. And being home alone is very troublesome for us seniors. Rather than sitting home alone, we can come here and enjoy each other,” said Arlene Hendrix who was visiting the Senior Center.

“It makes me feel good to give it to them and they can use it more than I can. The joy on their faces and the appreciation is worth every dime of it,” said Councilman Ward.

A full circle moment for the councilman giving back to those who helped raise him up.

“I taught this councilman in Sunday school. I taught him right,” said Hendrix.

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