Travelers prepare for Labor Day weekend as suspension of Georgia gas tax is extended

Published: Sep. 1, 2022 at 4:45 PM EDT
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HINESVILLE, Ga. (WTOC) - Governor Brian Kemp has extended the suspension of the state gas tax heading into the holiday weekend. The extension will remain in place until October 12.

Drivers in Hinesville say the lower gas prices have been motivation to hit the road this holiday weekend.

“I’m going to Charleston, South Carolina to visit with my son. I’m going to enjoy the weekend, probably go to the beach a little bit,” said Rosetta Henderson.

Rosetta Henderson is just one of millions of Americans leaving home this weekend. She says the lower fuel costs have been a big help.

“I’m happy the prices are down. We can get out and travel more and do a little more now that we have a little room to ride around and enjoy the gas prices.”

Over Memorial Day weekend, the average gas price in Georgia was $4.15, according to Triple A. Now, that price has dropped to about $3.37 as of Thursday.

“It’s a big difference. The prices have gone down, it’s at least $20 I’m saving on gas. So, I’m excited about that. Anything you can save is a total blessing,” said Tina Matheny.

Drivers say the higher prices earlier in the year limited their travel during the summer months.

“I like to travel, and I have young kids. We were always going back and forth. Sometimes, gas is just too high. It became another bill at this point,” said Ravon Matthews.

Now, the lower prices are opening some doors for drivers.

“I’m thinking of seeing my family more often in Florida and Atlanta. I’m just grateful the prices are going down, and hope they keep going down,” said Veronica Boykin.

While prices are still higher than they were a year ago, drivers are thankful for the recent relief at the pump.

Several drivers say they hope to see the lower prices continue, so they can maybe plan some extra trips this fall.